Providing the evidence you need to authentically convey information and strategically purpose it for a specific audience

Conveying authentic information is as important as ensuring it is packaged correctly. Information needs to be underpinned by great research and then conveyed to your purposed audience in a manner which they find interesting and understandable.

Very often evidence-based research is overlooked because it is not presented in a way that’s relatable. The result is that instead of being able to quickly understand key points, a reader is overwhelmed by technical jargon and the quantity not quality of what is being put forward. Alternatively, the quality of the research is compromised in an attempt to package information in an easy and fun format.

Word Manor offers Two Packages:

  1. Topical Research: Research around a specified topic presented concisely in the format needed for a specified audience (articles, responses, fact sheets…..)
  2. Repackaging Existing Research: Rewriting existing research for it to be more accessible and appealing for your targeted audience