How to Combat Boredom during Lockdown for Kids

A quick and easy starting point to keeping kids entertained during lockdown: Browse them, Click and Enjoy! All links should be able to be used free of charge or can be freely used for a limited period.




Books & Audio


Baking and Cooking

  1. BBC Good Food
  2. Introducing Toddlers to Baking
  3. Delish baking with Kids
  4. Kids Spot
  5. Taste Kids Deserts
  6. Cookist



  1. On the Farm – Takes kids through a farm while doing exercises based on Yoga poses, feed lambs, watch chicks hatch and ride a tractor
  2. Popcorn and Pirates – Takes kids through an adventure while doing exercises based on Yoga poses. Positive thinking with Popcorn the dolphin, explore an island, do banana pants jumps to escape pirates
  3. Body Coach TV – Short (5 mins: 40 seconds active, 20 seconds rest)  active, easy to follow workouts


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